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This version is outdated. Click here for the latest version.

After 4 months since the last release... OpenSpades 0.0.11 is out.

To access the startup configuration window, hit space bar quickly while a splash screen is visible, right after you launched the program.

YSR and software renderer included.

Manual (incomplete) is available here.

EDIT OS X version (0.0.11-OSX-3) now includes some required libraries.
EDIT OS X version (0.0.11-OSX-4) now configured correctly to use included libraries.
EDIT OS X version (0.0.11-OSX-5) defaults to OS X built-in OpenAL library. You have to remove ~/Library/Application Support/OpenSpades/Resources/SPConfig.cfg if you have used one of older versions.
EDIT OpenSpades-0.0.11-Windows-winxp.zip supports Windows XP.


  • Mac OS X supported (but might not work on 10.7 and earlier)
  • GUI localization support (currently, Russian & Japanese translations are available)
  • JPEG/PNG screenshot (cg_screenshotFormat). Smaller file size compared to TGA. Easier to upload to websites.
  • Revised, easier-to-use startup window
  • Statistics display which includes ping and network traffics (cg_stats, or Setup→Game Options→Misc→Show Statistics)
  • Some settings can be changed from the chat window (i.e. /cg_hidehud 1) warning: changing certain settings might crash the program.
  • Navigate through chat history with up/down arrow keys
  • Variable chat window size (cg_chatHeight, in percentage)
  • You can invert Y-axis input (cg_invertMouseY, or Setup→Controls→Invert Y-axis Mouse Input)
  • Addressed an issue that some models look broken (#213)

Added/Updated Features

  • Hit detection debugger
  • Bullet impact effect against water
  • caplimit is shown in the scoreboard
  • cg_smp is now working correctly
  • Switch to the last selected tool
  • Map can be opened when you're dead
  • YSR became faster.
  • More variety of sounds
  • Better compatibility with AoSβ
  • Many small bugs fixed

Known Issues

  • IME might not work. Please test and report whether it works.
  • Locale detection might not work. You might have to specify cg_locale manually.

Thanks to

Coders including noway, theunknownxy, and learn_more, and many people that reported issues.

(please tell me if I've forgotten to mention someone)