Input stories from pivotal tracker and print the story into a 4x6 card
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pivotal_to_pdf -- print the stories from pivotal tracker to a PDF file

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This is a gem that can read a story from pivotal tracker and print into a 4x6 card so that you can print the card and stick to your physical story board.

I steal the part of code from The difference is the code there print to a A4 paper with 4 stories on it. This gem prints one card at a time and the gem doesn't require an exported csv file.


$ [sudo] gem install pivotal_to_pdf


First you need to create a .pivotal.yml under your home directory. On windows, have this file in %HOME%.pivotal.yml

a sample .pivotal.yml:

token: your-api-token-of-pivotal-tracker
project_id: your-ptroject-id
formatter: PivotalToPdf::Formatters::Default

The meaning of the formatter key will be explained in the next section

After install the gem, you can do:

  • pivotal_to_pdf current_iteration # print stories for the current iteration into a PDF file

  • pivotal_to_pdf story STORY_ID, additional_story_ids # print stories specifed by IDs into a PDF file

  • pivotal_to_pdf iteration ITERATION_NUMBER # print a single iteration specifed by the number into a PDF file

  • pivotal_to_pdf label LABEL_TEXT # print stories matching the specified label into a PDF file


pivotal_to_pdf story 159898

pivotal_to_pdf story 159898 159987

pivotal_to_pdf current_iteration

pivotal_to_pdf iteration 42

pivotal_to_pdf label print-these

Type in

pivotal_to_pdf help

pivotal_to_pdf help <command>

for more usage information

The gem will then read the story/stories and print it into a PDF file

The points section will be printed only for features. Bugs and Chores don't have points

Printed a green bounding box for feature, a yellow box for chores and a red box for bugs

The gem assumes that you have https access to the pivotal tracker


From the version 1.3.0, The gem supports alternative formatter other than the default one. In the .pivotal.yml file, if you define a key like

formatter: PivotalToPdf::Formatters:MyPrettyHtmlWriter

The gem will use PivotalToPdf::Formatters::MyPrettyHtmlWriter to generate the output.

This feature is associated to the issue #14. I basically rewrite the code to implement this myself.

The actual formatters live in a seperate gem so that only that gem needs to be updated when needed. Once that gem is updated, you can do:

$ gem update pivotal_to_pdf-formatters

to use the new formatters being added