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require 'rubygems'
require 'rake'
# want other tests/tasks run by default? Add them to the list
task :default => [:spec]
require 'jeweler' do |gem| = "annotate"
gem.summary = "Annotates Rails models, routes, fixtures, and others based on the database schema."
gem.description = "When run, inserts table descriptions from db.schema into a comment block of relevant source code." = ["", '', "", ""]
gem.homepage = ""
gem.authors = ['Cuong Tran', "Alex Chaffee", "Marcos Piccinini", "Turadg Aleahmad"]
gem.rubyforge_project = "annotate"
gem.add_development_dependency "rspec"
gem.test_files = `git ls-files -- {spec,features}/*`.split("\n")
gem.executables = `git ls-files -- bin/*`.split("\n").map{ |f| File.basename(f) }
gem.require_path = 'lib'
# note that Jeweler automatically reads the version from VERSION.yml
# gem is a Gem::Specification... see for additional settings
require "rspec/core/rake_task" # RSpec 2.0 do |t|
t.pattern = ['spec/*_spec.rb', 'spec/**/*_spec.rb']
# FIXME not working yet do |t|
t.pattern = 'spec/**/*_spec.rb'
t.rcov = true
# FIXME warns "already initialized constant Task"
# FIXME throws "uninitialized constant RDoc::VISIBILITIES"
# require 'rdoc/task'
# do |rdoc|
# rdoc.main = "README.rdoc"
# rdoc.rdoc_files.include("README.rdoc", "lib/**/*.rb")
# # require 'lib/annotate'
# # rdoc.title = "annotate #{Annotate.version}"
# end
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