CarND Term 1 P3: Behavioral Cloning with Deep Learning
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Driving Behavioral Cloning with Deep Learning

Udacity - Self-Driving Car NanoDegree

About this repository

This repository is a project that simulates a behavioral cloning for autonomous driving using the deep learning approach.

The goals / steps of this project are the following:

  • Use the simulator to collect data of good driving behavior
  • Build, a convolution neural network in Keras that predicts steering angles from images
  • Train and validate the model with a training and validation set
  • Test that the model successfully drives around track one without leaving the road
  • Summarize the results with a written report


  1. Install the Udacity starting kit from

  2. Get the Udacity simulator:


git clone


  1. Merge the model.h5.7z.001, model.h5.7z.002, model.h5.7z.003 containing a trained convolution neural network to model.h5

  2. Go to the repository folder and activate the virtualenvironment:

     source activate carnd-term1
  3. Start the deep learning

     python model.h5
  4. Start the simulator program and choose the "Autonomous Mode"

  5. Optional: to record a video of the simulation, run the 3rd command above with an output directory name as the second argument:

     python model.h5 <output_dir_name>

    After the simulation convert the images in the output directory to a video by executing this command:

     python <output_dir_name> --fps 48


Please read this writeup