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Pelee implement with pytorch
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configs finish voc train and test Apr 29, 2019

Pelee: A Real-Time Object Detection System on Mobile Devices, in PyTorch

A PyTorch implementation of Pelee: A Real-Time Object Detection System on Mobile Devices The official and original Caffe code can be found here.


I train Pelee with pytorch and the result is better than the original paper result,the pretrained model can be downloaded in peleenet.pth.

MAP in VOC2007

Method 07+12 07+12+coco
SSD300 77.2 81.2
SSD+MobileNet 68 72.7
Original Pelee 70.9 76.4
Ours Pelee 71.76 ---


the supported version is pytorch-0.4.1 or pytorch-1.0

  • tqdm
  • opencv
  • addict
  • pytorch>=0.4
  • Clone this repository.
git clone
  • Compile the nms and coco tools:
  • Prepare dataset (e.g., VOC, COCO), refer to ssd.pytorch for detailed instructions.


you can train different set according to configs/*,First, you should download the pretrained model peleenet.pth,then,move the file to weights/

python --dataset VOC\COCO --config ./configs/  

if you train with multi gpu

CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0,1 python --dataset VOC\COCO --config ./configs/   --ngpu 2


you can evaluate your model in voc and coco

python --dataset VOC\COCO  --config ./configs/ --trained_model ./weights/Pelee_VOC.pth 


you can test your image, First, download the trained model Pelee_VOC.pth file. Then, move the file to weights/.

python --dataset VOC\COCO  --config ./configs/ --trained_model ./weights/Pelee_VOC.pth --show  

You can see the image with drawed boxes as:


the code support:

  • Support for the MS COCO dataset and VOC PASCAL dataset
  • Support for Pelee304_VOC、Pelee304_COCO training and testing
  • Support for mulltigpu training
  • Support training and and testing in VOC and COCO


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