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Sublime Text 3 - Markmon

SublimeText 3 integration with Markmon for real-time markdown preview with mathjax support.


Important note

You have to install Markmon separately for this plugin to work. You can do so by

npm install -g markmon

Note that markmon relies on Node.js.

Markmon does not come with its own markdown converter so you will need to install your own. I recommend pandoc. Currently mathjax support is limited to pandoc only.

If you want to customize your pandoc parameters or use a converter other than pandoc, go to Sublime Text → Preferences → Package Settings → Markmon → Settings(User) and update the 'command' parameter according to Settings(Default). More information about the parameters can be found in the documentation for Markmon.

Installation Instructions

Package Installer:

  • Install Sublime Package Control
  • Select "Package Control: Install Package" from the Command Palette (⌘⇧P)
  • Find "Markmon" and select


  • Download sublime-text-markmon and copy unzipped folder to your Sublime Text packages folder (Sublime Text → Preferences → Browse Packages...)
  • Restart Sublime Text


First note that markmon only watches your views with markdown syntax, so be sure to check the syntax setting.

Command Palette:

  • Select "Markmon launch" from the Command Palette (⌘⇧P)

Keyboard Shortcut:

You can check the default short cut by going to Sublime Text → Preferences → Package Settings → Markmon → Key Bindings - Default.


  • Select Tools → markmon


I use sublime-text-marked and SublimeLinter3 as templates for this plugin.


A simple Sublime Text package for real-time preview of markdown files with markmon.



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