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Clone this into ~/ and source .config/dev-tool/bash_profile, or, for lazies:

How to install?

curl > /tmp/dev-tool
ruby /tmp/dev-tool install

How to update?

dev-tool update

Environment Variable Options:

  1. set PROMPT_PATH_ABBR to enable path abbreviation
  2. set PROMPT_HOST to enable showing hostname
  3. set PROMPT_SHELL to specify different shell other than SHELL

Recommended Gems:

|--- interactive shell | gem install ripl | flexible irb | gem install ripl-multi_line | multiline input | gem install pry | interactive breakpoint | gem install awesome_print | more pretty_print |--- gem environment sandbox | gem install bundler | pretty useful for development |--- testing | gem install rr | stubs, mocks, proxy, spies for testing | gem install bacon | lightweight unit test with rspec flavor | gem install webmock | stubs on net/http |--- markdown | gem install kramdown | superset of markdown |--- serialization | gem install msgpack | binary protocol |--- http client | gem install rest-client | better interface for net/http | gem install em-http-request | http client on eventmachine | gem install em-synchrony | not http, doing synchrony on eventmachine |--- xml/html parser | gem install nokogiri | backend is libxml2 |--- json parser | gem install yajl-ruby | better than json and json_pure |--- web servers | gem install zbatery | which uses rainbows which uses unicorn | gem install thin | simple standalone web server |--- ORM and database client | gem install dm-core | modular ORM | gem install dm-aggregates | to use count | gem install dm-migrations | to use auto_migrate! | gem install dm-timestamps | to use activerecord's created_at, etc. | gem install dm-types | various datatype e.g. URI, JSON, Enum, etc | gem install dm-sqlite-adapter | sqlite adapter