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Journaley is a simple and elegant open-source journal keeping software for Windows, which is compatible with Day One journals for iOS/Mac.

NOTE: As of September 28th, 2017 Day One Classic for iOS and Mac no longer sync via Dropbox because it relied on an old version of the Dropbox API that is now shut off. Journaley will still be able to create and edit Day One journals on Dropbox, but you won't be able to read or edit new journal entires from Dropbox on Day One Classic.

Build Status MIT License

Installation Guide

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or higher (the installer will automatically get one if you don't have it.)


  1. Get the latest version of Journaley from the releases page.
  2. Execute the downloaded installer.
    NOTE: If you have Journaley 1.x, please uninstall it before installing the latest version.
  3. The installer will launch the Journaley app automatically.
    You can also find a shortcut under Start Menu -> Programs -> Journaley.
  4. When you run Journaley for the first time, you will see the welcome screen. If you already have a journal database created by Journaley or Day One, select "Import Your Journal." Otherwise, select "Start a New Journal."
    If you import the Day One database from Dropbox, it will automatically be in sync with Journaley.
  5. You can optionally set a password to access your journal entries through Journaley.
  6. After the initial setup, you will see your existing journal entries (if there's any), or an empty journal.
    You can add new entries or edit existing ones from now on.


We are always interested in improving Journaley, which is why we really value your feedback. Please let us know about what you like or don't like, and about feature requests or bugs you've run into.

  • You can either post a new issue here.
  • Or if you prefer e-mail us here.
  • You can also talk to us on twitter here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our FAQ page.


Journaley isn't officially connected to, associated with, or supported by the official Day One apps.