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Git Source Control Provider is a visual studio plug-in that integrates Git with visual studio solution explorer.
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BasicSccProvider.Tests fix unit tests
DataServices fix crash in getting content
Diff Handle exception thrown when the diff margin is updating when the edi…
DiffClassifier change background
GitApi fix unit tests
GitUI Merge branch 'master' of…
PlatformUI Update PlatformColorHelper to handle Visual Studio 2013
Properties Conflicts:
Resources Merge branch 'glyphs' of…
Schedulers Add QueuedTaskScheduler
UI add detection of git merge tool and git credential helper
ngit @ d89dcbc Update ngit submodule
packages Initial diff margin
.gitignore Initial diff margin
.gitmodules update submodule ngit to the fork
BasicSccProvider.cs add settings button
BasicSccProvider.csproj Fix build error due when two versions of Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell…
BasicSccProvider.sln Revert "remove diff classifier"
BasicSccProvider.vsmdi add unit test project first commit V 0.1
CommandId.cs add settings button
ExceptionExtensions.cs Handle non-critical exceptions
GitBash.cs improve performance: use git.exe to get changed files
GitFileStatus.cs fix status parsing issue with renamed files
GitFileStatusTracker.cs fix relative path for saving file content and checkout file
GitProject.cs V 0.5.6 - support multiple repositories
GitSccOptions.cs Update styling in Visual Studio 2010 to match other similar UI elemen…
GitSharp licence.txt remove GitSharp project
GitToolCommands.cs Add Settings command for TortoiseGit
GlobalCommandHook.cs Add GlobalCommandHook
Guids.cs first commit V 0.1
HistoryToolWindow.cs force refresh solution explorer from tool window
HistoryToolWindow.resx add history tool window
HistoryView.xaml improve performance: not to redraw history graph if commit/refs not c…
HistoryView.xaml.cs show exception message to status bar
JGit licence.txt remove GitSharp project
License.txt change license to GPL V2
Local.testsettings start to remove uses of obsolete classes
MiscUtil licence.txt remove GitSharp project
PendingChangesToolWindow.cs add settings button
PendingChangesToolWindow.resx add history tool window
PendingChangesView.xaml prepare V 1.2 final
PendingChangesView.xaml.cs add settings button
PkgCmd.vsct add settings button
ProvideSourceControlProvider.cs first commit V 0.1
ProvideToolsOptionsPageVisibility.cs add option page Add readme.txt to Git - About menu
Readme.html update for V 1.3 build
ResourceDictionary.xaml add commit selection
Resources.Designer.cs Merge branch 'glyphs' of…
Resources.resx Merge branch 'glyphs' of…
SccGlyphsHelper.cs Support Tortoise Git icon set in Visual Studio 2012
SccOnIdleEvent.cs fix 15114 (status not refresh when switching providers), 14539 (typo)…
SccProviderOptions.cs add option page
SccProviderOptionsControl.cs Support Tortoise Git icon set in Visual Studio 2012
SccProviderOptionsControl.resx Added support for using Visual Studio 2012's own diff tool. Fixes #32.
SccProviderService.cs Merge branch 'glyphs' of…
SharedAssemblyInfo.cs Commit V 0.2 for VS 2010 update readme file for V0.9.8
TaskExtensions.cs Handle non-critical exceptions
ToolWindowWithEditor.cs Hide unnecessary margins in the diff editor in the Pending Changes wi…
TraceAndTestImpact.testsettings add unit test project
Winterdom.IO.FileMap License.txt remove GitSharp project
gitscc.reg add a registry file for adding the Git Viewer to Windows File Explorer
packages.config Initial diff margin
solution explorer.png Conflicts:
source.extension.vsixmanifest update for V 1.3 build

Git Source Control Provider


This Visual Studio Extensions integrates Git with Visual Studio solution explorer. It supports all editions of Visual studio 2010 except the Express Edition.


solution explorer


  • Display file status in solution explorer and solution navigator
  • Display repository status e.g. in the middle of merging, patching, rebase and bisecting
  • Enable/disable plug-in through visual studio's source control plug-in selection
  • No source code control information stored in solution or project file
  • Initialize new git repository and generate .gitignore
  • Integrates with Git for Windows
  • Integrates with Git Extensions
  • Integrates with TortoiseGit
  • Git - Pending Changes Tool Window
  • Git - View History Tool Window
  • Options page

How to use

  • Install Git for Windows, or Git Extensions, or TortoiseGit.
  • Run Visual Studio.
  • Go to Tools | Extension Manager, search online gallery for Git Source Control Provider and install.
  • Go to Tools | Options, Select Source Control.
  • Select Git Source Control Provider from the drop down list, and click OK.
  • Open your solution controlled by Git to see the file's status.
  • Right click within solution explorer and select "Git". If Git for Windows, Git Extensions or TortoiseGit are installed, their commands are listed in the menu.
  • Using the option page to disable the commands if you like.


Documentation Change Logs Project Roadmap

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