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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
namespace GitScc
class GitToolCommand
public CommandScope Scope { get; set; }
public string Name { get; set; }
public string Command { get; set; }
public GitToolCommand(string name, string Command, CommandScope scope = CommandScope.Project)
this.Name = name;
this.Command = Command;
Scope = scope;
public enum CommandScope
File, Project
static class GitToolCommands
internal static List<GitToolCommand> GitTorCommands = new List<GitToolCommand> {
new GitToolCommand("TortoiseGit", "/command:log"), // workaround to missing of the first command in menu
new GitToolCommand("Blame", "/command:blame", CommandScope.File),
new GitToolCommand("Branch", "/command:branch"),
new GitToolCommand("Commit", "/command:commit"),
new GitToolCommand("Export", "/command:export"),
new GitToolCommand("Merge", "/command:merge"),
new GitToolCommand("Rebase", "/command:rebase"),
new GitToolCommand("Resolve", "/command:resolve"),
new GitToolCommand("Revert", "/command:revert"),
new GitToolCommand("Settings", "/command:settings"),
new GitToolCommand("Show Log", "/command:log", CommandScope.File),
new GitToolCommand("Switch", "/command:switch"),
new GitToolCommand("Sync", "/command:sync"),
new GitToolCommand("Tag", "/command:tag"),
internal static List<GitToolCommand> GitExtCommands = new List<GitToolCommand> {
new GitToolCommand("Git Extensions", "browse"), // workaround to missing of the first command in menu
new GitToolCommand("Add Files", "add"),
new GitToolCommand("Apply Patch", "applypatch"),
new GitToolCommand("Browse", "browse"),
new GitToolCommand("Create Branch", "branch"),
new GitToolCommand("Checkout Branch", "checkout"),
new GitToolCommand("Cherry Pick", "cherry"),
new GitToolCommand("Commit", "commit"),
new GitToolCommand("Edit .gitignore", "gitignore"),
new GitToolCommand("Format Patch", "formatpatch"),
new GitToolCommand("Manage Remotes", "remotes"),
new GitToolCommand("Merge", "merge"),
new GitToolCommand("Pull", "pull"),
new GitToolCommand("Push", "push"),
new GitToolCommand("Rebase", "rebase"),
new GitToolCommand("Stash", "stash"),
new GitToolCommand("Settings", "settings"),
new GitToolCommand("Solve Merge Conflicts", "mergeconflicts"),