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<title>Git Source Control Provider</title>
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<h1>Git Source Control Provider</h1>
Please donate to support this project.
<a href=";business=KBCLF3PZD6C98&amp;lc=US&amp;item_name=Git%20Source%20Control%20Provider&amp;currency_code=USD&amp;bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donate_SM%2egif%3aNonHosted">
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<h2>Notes for Git 1.7.10+ Users</h2>
<p>Since 1.7.10, <strong>Git for Windows</strong> supports UTF-8 encoding internally. If you are using non-ASCII file names,
please follow <a href="">this page</a> to see how to update your Git settings and how to migrate your repositories.</p>
<h2>Change Logs</h2>
<li>Added Settings button to the Pending change tool window</li>
<li>Bug fixes: Pull request #110, #111, #112</li>
<li>Support Visual Studio 2013</li>
<li>Bug fixes: Pull request #52, #94, #96, #97, #99, #103, #105, #106, #108, #109</li>
<li>Add the <a href="">Laurent Kempe's GitDiffMargin</a> by <a href="">Sam Harwell</a><br /><br />
<img src=""<br /></li>
<li>Performance Improvement (by Sam Harwell)</li>
<li>UI de-clutter and cleanup (by Sam Harwell)</li>
<li>Various bugs fixes (by Sam Harwell)</li>
<li>Visual Studio 2012 dark theme support (by Sam Harwell)</li>
<li>Refresh Git status using the solution refresh button (by Sam Harwell)</li>
<li>Use Visual Studio code editor to view the diff in pending changes window (by Sam Harwell)</li>
<li>Add Git Pending Change menu to View | Other Windows</li>
<li>Remove user name and email verification</li>
<li>Add support to use Visual Studio's diff window (by Duncan Smart)</li>
<li>Prompt user to save files before commit</li>
<li>Prompt user to set name and email for git, if not already</li>
<li>Pending Changes commit not showing hooks errors/messages (by Javier Castro) </li>
<li>Support bulk file deletion (by Javier Castro) </li>
<li>Use new icons for git and git extensions</li>
<li>Merge pull requests, #30, #34, #36, #38 from github</li>
<li><a href="">Allow commit of selected changes via Ctrl+Enter</a></li>
<li><a href="">Automatically save items when refreshing</a>
<li><a href="">commit-msg hook error not visible (by Javier Castro)</a>
<li><a href="">Git Refresh not working in Pending Changes when auto refresh is disabled</a></li>
<strong>V </strong>
<li>Rebuild in release mode and write to error log file in Release mode</li>
<strong>V 0.9.6 (acb0278)</strong>
<li>Add support to local workspace of TFS 2012</li>
<li>Add UI to allow configure user name and password for Git</li>
<li>Bug fix: <a href="">Please allow amend with no changes</a></li>
<li>Bug fix: <a href="">Provider not detecting being in a repo</a></li>
<li>Bug fix: <a href="">Solution no longer identifies as Git controlled</a></li>
<strong>V 0.9.5 (3758789)</strong>
<li>Detect binary and large files in pending changes window</li>
<li>Add Sign-off option in pending changes window</li>
<li>Add context menu for ignoring files in pending changes window</li>
<li>Add commit list for file in commit details window</li>
<li>Add multiple lines of commit message display in commit details window</li>
<li>Add file blame function in commit details window</li>
<li>Bug fix: <a href="">Multiline Commit Message</a></li>
<li>Bug fix: <a href="">Enhance Pending Changes window</a></li>
<li>Bug fix: <a href="">Hang on click in items (.ico) in Pending changes Window</a></li>
<strong>V 0.9.4 (0cf9485)</strong>
<li>Detect Git for Windows Path in pending changes window</li>
<li>Add option to disable UTF-8 file names (for Git 1.7.10+)</li>
<li>Change pre-load to UI context instead of UIContextGuids.SolutionExists</li>
<li>Fix commit text box line height</li>
<li>Dragon Tool: Fix folder browse dialog for saving patches between two commits</li>
<li>Dragon Tool: Remove git console</li>
<li>Dragon Tool: Add custom Chrome</li>
<strong>V 0.9.3 (f609cdd)</strong>
<li>Bug Fix: <a href="">
VS 11 Beta crash when reopening auto-hidden &quot;GIT PENDING CHANGES&quot; window</a></li>
<li>Bug Fix: <a href="">
tags not displayed</a></li>
<li>Merge Pull Request:
<a href="">
Fix GitFileStatusTracker returning New instead of Ignored</a>
<li>Merge Pull Request:
<a href="">
Handle files modified after being staged</a>
<li>Dragon Tool: Display Author name instead of committer name</li>
<strong>V 0.9.2 (aa64b75)</strong>
<li>Dragon Tool: Add console with git command intellisense (with some limitations)</li>
<li>Dragon Tool: Add support to accept drag and drop file from file explorer</li>
<li>Dragon Tool: Add button to launch Git Bash</li>
<li>Bug Fix: <a href="">
reserve staging checkboxes when refreshing</a></li>
<li>Bug Fix: <a href="">
Missing Intellisense</a></li>
<li>Bug Fix: <a href="">
Git history view scrolling and scrollbars</a></li>
<li>Bug Fix: <a href="">
Simplified view mode Issue</a></li>
<strong>V0.9.1 (1def890) </strong>
<li>Change History Window to be a stand alone program - Dragon<ul>
<li>add/delete tag</li>
<li>add/delete/checkout branch</li>
<li>scroll to branch/tag</li>
<li>refresh button</li>
<li>search commits</li>
<li>select and compare too commits</li>
<li>Archive (export) commit</li>
<li>create patch</li>
<li>Add Git Extensions menus to Pending Changed tool window </li>
<li>Add GitTortoise menus to Pending Changed tool window</li>
<li>Add Git - About ... menu,
Git hash when building</a></li>
<li>Add Option to disable auto load,
<a href="">Automatically switch to the Git provider when loading a Git-controlled solution</a></li>
<li>Bug Fix: <a href="">autocrlf warning prevents commits from Git Pending Changes</a></li>
<li>Bug Fix: <a href="">Show Changes Window Disappear</a></li>
<li>Buf Fix: <a href="">Git status is not refreshed</a></li>
<li>Bug Fix: <a href="">config core.ignorecase true</a></li>
<li>Merge pull request #19 from GitHub</li>
For more information, please visit the project Site: <a href=""></a>
<br />
Welcome to fork the source code: <a href=""></a><br />
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