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The project provides a Git smart HTTP backend on IIS.
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Git Web Access


For those who have interests in a Smart-HTTP Git server on IIS, the project provides an ASP.NET HttpHandler that let you run Smart HTTP Git on IIS. It is inspired by Grack, a Ruby Rack based application for Smart HTTP Git and, a python implementation of Smart HTTP Git.

The ASP.HET handler, GitHandler, is lightweight and can be used in any ASP.NET web applications and web sites. Another reusable piece is the WCF data service that exposes Git repository through WCF data services / OData protocol. The OData feed can be used to plot the commit graph on HTML5 canvas.


  • Create remote repositories
  • Clone, pull and push through IIS
  • Leverage ASP.NET Membership for Authentication and Authorization
  • Expose Git repository through OData protocol
  • Two Samples: Web Forms Application and ASP.NET WebPages (with Razor Syntax) Web Site


  • Install Git for Windows 1.7+ or up on server
  • Create a folder on server as root folder of all remote repositories
  • Under IIS, create a web application and assign a new application pool that runs as Local System
  • Run the sample web application or run the sample web site

Sample Web Application Screenshots


Create Repo

Git Push

Sample Web Site Screenshots

Web Site

Repo View

Change Logs


  • Build as NuGet Package


  • CMS spikes in the web site sample. Release cancelled.


  • Push authentication against ASP.NET membership.
  • New ASP.NET web pages sample web site (using Razor Syntax).
  • HTML 5 view of repository using the odata services.


  • Enable trace (please turn it off in web.config for production use).


  • Git Smart HTTP spike.
  • WCF Data Services to expose Git repository information.
  • Sample ASP.NET web forms application
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