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How do you learn Git? Here's how I do it:

  • I read a book, e.g. Pro Git
  • I learn the usage of some commands
  • When I believe I've understood what these commands do, I design some workflow, for example:
    • create a bare repository, say blah
    • clone blah
    • go to the local working directory and create a file, say README
    • edit README
    • commit README
    • create a branch, say foo
    • work in foo
    • merge foo into master
    • ...
  • I translate the workflow into Git commands and write them in a Bash script
  • I run the script to see if it works as I expected

The advantage of using a script:

  • You can always begin with a new repository so when you re-run the script you'll get exactly the same result as last time you run it
  • You can design workflows before you really execute the commands
  • If you find something is wrong (we're learning, so things go wrong frequently), we can examine what we've done in the script. When we fix the problem, it's easy to retry.
  • The script itself is your notes, you can read it later. You cannot remember everything you learn after all.
  • You can do some cool things, e.g. coloring your output, just as shown in the snapshot blow.

A snapshot:

gitshow snapshot

If you're learning Git too, I suggest you fork this project, change and run it with your own customized workflow. You'll find learning Git is such a fun!