Similar to Lottie. Render After Effects / Animate CC (Flash) animations natively on Android and iOS, Web. 使用 SVGAPlayer 在 Android、iOS、Web中播放 After Effects / Animate CC (Flash) 动画。
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  • 如果你发现 SVGAPlayer 存在 BUG,请在 GitHub 上按照模板提交 issue。
  • 如果有使用上的问题,请勿提交 issue(会被立刻关闭),请至知乎付费问答提问,我们会全程跟踪你的疑问。

New Features

  • Add SVGA-Format 2.0.0 support.
  • Add SVGAImageView.
  • Add more UIViewContentMode support.


  • SVGAParser now can works up-to 8 concurrent tasks.
  • Improves BezierPath performance.

SVGA Format




Add following dependency to Podfile

pod 'SVGAPlayer'



SVGAParser *parser = [[SVGAParser alloc] init];
SVGAPlayer *player = [[SVGAPlayer alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 200, 200)];
[self.view addSubview:player];
[parser parseWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""] completionBlock:^(SVGAVideoEntity * _Nullable videoItem) {
    if (videoItem != nil) {
        player.videoItem = videoItem;
        [player startAnimation];
} failureBlock:nil];


  1. Add UIView to IB layout area.
  2. Let UIView subclass SVGAImageView.
  3. Input imageName on IB Properties Area.
  4. Animation will start after loaded.


SVGAParser use NSURLSession request remote data via network. You may use following ways to control cache.

Response Header

Server response SVGA files in Body, and response header either. response header has cache-control / etag / expired keys, all these keys telling NSURLSession how to handle cache.

Request NSData By Yourself

If you couldn't fix Server Response Header, You should build NSURLRequest with CachePolicy by yourself, and fetch NSData.

Deliver NSData to SVGAParser, as usual.



  • id delegate; - Callbacks
  • SVGAVideoEntity *videoItem; - Animation Instance
  • Int loops; - Loop Count,0 = Infinity Loop
  • BOOL clearsAfterStop; - Clears Canvas After Animation Stop
  • String fillMode; - defaults to Forward,optional Forward / Backward,fillMode = Forward,Animation will pause on last frame while finished,fillMode = Backward , Animation will pause on first frame.


  • (void)startAnimation; - Play Animation from 0 frame.
  • (void)startAnimationWithRange:(NSRange)range reverse:(BOOL)reverse;
  • (void)pauseAnimation; - Pause Animation and keep on current frame.
  • (void)stopAnimation; - Stop Animation,Clears Canvas while clearsAfterStop == YES.
  • (void)clear; - Clear Canvas force.
  • (void)stepToFrame:(NSInteger)frame andPlay:(BOOL)andPlay; - Step to N frame, and then Play Animation if andPlay === true.
  • (void)stepToPercentage:(CGFloat)percentage andPlay:(BOOL)andPlay; - Step to x%, and then Play Animation if andPlay === true.
  • (void)setImage:(UIImage *)image forKey:(NSString *)aKey; - Set Dynamic Image.
  • (void)setImageWithURL:(NSURL *)URL forKey:(NSString *)aKey; - Set Dynamic Image via remote URL.
  • (void)setAttributedText:(NSAttributedString *)attributedText forKey:(NSString *)aKey; - Set Dynamic Text.
  • (void)clearDynamicObjects; - Clear all dynamic Images and Texts.


  • @optional
    • (void)svgaPlayerDidFinishedAnimation:(SVGAPlayer *)player; - Call after animation finished.
    • (void)svgaPlayerDidAnimatedToFrame:(NSInteger)frame; - Call after animation play to specific frame.
    • (void)svgaPlayerDidAnimatedToPercentage:(CGFloat)percentage; - Call after animation play to specific percentage.

Dynamic Object

Use this way to replace specific image, or add text to it. (可以通过以下方式,替换动画文件中的指定图像,以及动态添加富文本。)

Dynamic Image

CALayer *iconLayer = [CALayer layer];
iconLayer.cornerRadius = 84.0;
iconLayer.masksToBounds = YES;
iconLayer.borderWidth = 4.0;
iconLayer.borderColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0xea/255.0 green:0xb3/255.0 blue:0x7d/255.0 alpha:1.0].CGColor;
[self.aPlayer setImage:iconImage forKey:@"99" referenceLayer:iconLayer];
  • Ask designer tell you the imageKey(or unzip the svga file, find it).

Dynamic Text

NSShadow *shadow = [NSShadow new];
shadow.shadowColor = [UIColor blackColor];
shadow.shadowOffset = CGSizeMake(0, 1);
NSAttributedString *text = [[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithString:@"崔小姐不吃鱼 送了魔法奇缘"
                                                                        NSForegroundColorAttributeName: [UIColor colorWithRed:0xff/255.0 green:0xe0/255.0 blue:0xa4/255.0 alpha:1.0],
                                                                        NSFontAttributeName: [UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:30.0],
                                                                        NSShadowAttributeName: shadow,
[self.aPlayer setAttributedText:text forKey:@"banner"];
  • Ask designer tell you the imageKey(or unzip the svga file, find it).

Dynamic Hidden

Now use setHidden to hide an element prevents drawing.

[self.aPlayer setHidden:YES forKey:@"99"];

Dynamic Drawing

You can set a block, it will callback while frame step.

[self.aPlayer setDrawingBlock:^(CALayer *contentLayer, NSInteger frameIndex) {
    // do thing by yourself
} forKey:@"99"];