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Capistrano like deploy recipe for Fabric.


  • Fabric


This recipe is just a template for basic deploy procedures. You may need to override your own tasks in your

Initialize directory structure for "development" stage.

% fab development deploy.setup

Deploy application to "development" stage.

% fab development deploy

Rollback to previously deployed application.

% fab development deploy.rollback

Clean up old applications.

% fab development deploy.cleanup

Privilege configurations

This recipe assumes that you can ssh by user named "deploy" and "app" by default.

  • deploy (user)
    • Used for application deployment.
    • Belongs same group as app.
    • sudo(8) should be granted without password.
  • app (runner)
    • Used for running applications
    • Belongs same group as deploy.
    • No sudo(8) required.

You can change these names by overriding "user" and "runner" options.


Following is a sample tasks for multistage deployment ("development" and "production"). Uses "supervisord" for service management. This exapmle consists from 2 files.

  • ./fabfile/ - Basic configuration for deployment
  • ./fabfile/ - Overridden tasks for your deployment


from fabric.api import *
from fabric_deploy import options
import deploy

options.set('scm', 'git')
options.set('application', 'myapp')
options.set('repository', '')
  (lambda: '%(dir)s/tmp/pids/' % dict(dir=options.fetch('current_path'))))
  (lambda: '%(dir)s/supervisord.conf' % dict(dir=options.fetch('current_path'))))

def development():
  options.set('current_stage', 'development')
  env.roledefs.update({'app': [ 'alpha' ] })

def production():
  options.set('current_stage', 'production')
  env.roledefs.update({ 'app': [ 'zulu' ] })


from fabric_deploy.deploy import *

def restart():
  with cd(fetch('current_path')):
    result = sudo("""
      (test -f %(supervisord_pid)s && kill -HUP `cat %(supervisord_pid)s`) || %(virtualenv)s/bin/supervisord -c %(supervisord_conf)s
    """ % var('virtualenv', 'supervisord_pid', 'supervisord_conf'), user=fetch('runner'))


Yamashita, Yuu

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