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HTML5 Clear version 2
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HTML5 Clear

Work in progress. See for features not implemented yet. See it in action:

You can also watch the original HTML5 Clear video.

The original iOS app is designed and developed by Realmac Software in collaboration with Helftone and Impending, Inc.. This project is simply a personal attempt to test my limit in building intricate interfaces with HTML5.


  • Works offline (add to iOS homescreen)
  • Uses local storage

Load it as a Chrome packaged app:

You might need to use Chrome Canary or enable the Experimental Extension APIs flag to load this as a Chrome packaged app.

  • clone the repo, checkout branch chrome-app
  • In Chrome, open Tools -> Extensions
  • check Developer Mode
  • Click Load unpacked extension and load this project


Twitter: @youyuxi 新浪微博: @尤小右

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