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-New Version Work In Progress here: [](
+# This repo is deprecated.
-What is this?
+A cleaner version with much more features (Work In Progress) here: [](
+### What is this?
The awesome Clear app UI (almost) replicated in HTML5.
The original iphone app by Realmac: [](
-What's the point?
+### What's the point?
Mainly because I wanted to experiment with touch events and CSS3 transitions.
@@ -18,16 +20,14 @@ I love the design of the original app, so I decided to redo it in HTML5. It's no
It's more about showing that you can achieve certain interactions with HTML5 than making an actual app. There's no backend data binding.
-Why didn't you use frameworks like A/B/C?
+### Why didn't you use frameworks like A/B/C?
I just wanted to play with the look and feel, so I just did it fast and dirty.
The code is quite messy and far from robust. Refactoring in the future might be some good practice.
-What's missing
+### What's missing
This is tested on iOS only, and there are quite a few features missing:

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