This is a fork from the original (and long dead) iso-3166-country-select Rails plugin to make it available as a gem and update it as necessary.
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Provides a simple helper to get an HTML select list of countries. The list of countries comes from the ISO 3166 standard. While it is a relatively neutral source of country names, it will still offend some users.

Users are strongly advised to evaluate the suitability of this list given their user base.

Latest Changes

As of version 1.0.5 a runtime error will be raised if any of the user-supplied priority countries do not correlate with those in the main country list.

Note: this may cause existing applications using country-select to fail, but such failures will highlight incorrect usage, enabling the implementation to be corrected so that correct and accurate data may be gathered.

Thanks to Steve Purcell ( for this addition.


Install as a gem using

gem install country-select

Or put the following in your Gemfile

gem 'country-select'


Simple use supplying model and attribute as parameters:

country_select("user", "country_name")

Supplying priority countries to be placed at the top of the list:

country_select("user", "country_name", [ "United Kingdom", "France", "Germany" ])


  • 1.0.5 - runtime error raised if any priority countries do not match those in the main country list
  • 1.0.4 - updated the country list to match the latest ISO 3166 specification
  • 1.0.3 - changed gem name from 'iso-3166-country-select' to just 'country-select'
  • 1.0.2 - forked the plugin and made it into a gem

Copyright (c) 2008 Michael Koziarski, released under the MIT license