Library for encoding Bitcoin network protocol messages in Scala.
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Library for encoding Bitcoin network protocol in Scala using scodec.

How to use

Add the following to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "io.github.yzernik" %% "bitcoin-scodec" % "0.2.7"

with the following resolver

resolvers += "yzernik repo" at ""

Encode a Bitcoin message

create a message codec

scala> import io.github.yzernik.bitcoinscodec.structures.Message

scala> val codec = Message.codec(0xD9B4BEF9L, 60002) // on the main network, using version 60002.

encode a ping message

scala> import io.github.yzernik.bitcoinscodec.messages._

scala> codec.encode(Ping(BigInt(1234)))
res0: scodec.Attempt[scodec.bits.BitVector] = Successful(BitVector(256 bits, 0xf9beb4d970696e67000000000000000008000000433ba813d204000000000000))

decode a pong message

scala> import scodec.bits._

scala> codec.decode(hex"f9beb4d9706f6e67000000000000000040000000433ba813d204000000000000".toBitVector)
res1: scodec.Attempt[scodec.DecodeResult[io.github.yzernik.bitcoinscodec.structures.Message]] = Successful(DecodeResult(Pong(1234),BitVector(empty)))