An LED panel indicating the FreeBSD Jenkins CI build status, backed by FreeBSD on an IoT device.
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A Physical FreeBSD Build Status Dashboard


What started as a side project during my first few weeks of interning at The FreeBSD Foundation, has become a useful LED display of the current FreeBSD CI (continuous integration) build status, and is running 24/7 in the Foundation Kitchener office, proudly running FreeBSD on a BeagleBone Green.


A detailed guide/article is posted at the FreeBSD Foundation Blog. The draft of the article is posted here. Pull Requests are very welcome.


  • A working installation of FreeBSD
  • BeagleBone Green with a 4GB micro-SD card, a serial cable and Internet connection
  • An addressable LED RGB strip. This project uses an APA102 LED strip from Sparkfun

Further reading

My implementation of this project: yzgyyang/freebsd-ci-ledstrip

FreeBSD's support for BeagleBone: FreeBSD/arm/BeagleBoneBlack

A guide of building, installing and updating FreeBSD on a BeagleBone: Getting Started with FreeBSD on BeagleBone Black

Official BeagleBone Green Document: BeagleBone Green

APA102 Manual

Understanding the APA102 “Superled”

FreeBSD GPIO Benchmark


I would like to thank my supervisor Ed Maste for his guidance and support on my work. I would also like to thank Siva Mahadevan, my colleague and friend, for the help and useful suggestions.