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Markdown Support for Visual Studio Code

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All you need for Markdown (keyboard shortcuts, table of contents, auto preview and more).


  • Keyboard shortcuts (toggle bold, italic, code span, strikethrough and heading)

    ctrl b (multi-cursor) (toggle bold)

    check task list (check/uncheck task list)

    See full key binding list in keyboard shortcuts section

  • Table of contents


    • The indentation rules (tab or spaces) of TOC will be the same of your current file (find it in the right bottom corner)

    • To make TOC compatible with GitHub, you need to set option githubCompatibility to true

    • Use <!-- omit in toc --> to ignore specific heading in TOC

  • List editing

    on enter key 1 (Enter)

    on enter key 2 (Enter)

    on tab key (Tab)

    on backspace key (Backspace)

    marker fixing (auto fix ordered list markers)

  • Print Markdown to HTML

    • Command Markdown: Print current document to HTML

    • It's recommended to print the exported HTML to PDF with browser (e.g. Chrome) if you want to share your documents with others

  • GitHub Flavoured Markdown

    • Table formatter


      (Note that the keybinding is Ctrl + Shift + I on Linux)

    • Task list

  • Math


  • Auto completions

    • Images

      image paths

    • Math functions

      math completions

    • Reference links

      suggest ref link

  • Others

    • Paste link on selected text

      paste link

    • Override "Open Preview" keybinding with "Toggle Preview", which means you can close preview using the same keybinding (Ctrl + Shift + V or Ctrl + K V).

Available Commands

  • Markdown: Create Table of Contents
  • Markdown: Update Table of Contents
  • Markdown: Toggle code span
  • Markdown: Print current document to HTML
  • Markdown: Toggle math environment
  • Markdown: Toggle unordered list

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Command
Ctrl + B Toggle bold
Ctrl + I Toggle italic
Ctrl + Shift + ] Toggle heading (uplevel)
Ctrl + Shift + [ Toggle heading (downlevel)
Ctrl + M Toggle math environment
Alt + C Check/Uncheck task list item
Ctrl + Shift + V Toggle preview
Ctrl + K V Toggle preview to side

Supported Settings

Name Default Description
markdown.extension.italic.indicator * Use * or _ to wrap italic text
markdown.extension.list.indentationSize adaptive Use different indentation size for ordered and unordered list
markdown.extension.orderedList.autoRenumber true Auto fix list markers as you edits
markdown.extension.orderedList.marker ordered Or one: always use 1. as ordered list marker
markdown.extension.preview.autoShowPreviewToSide false Automatically show preview when opening a Markdown file.
markdown.extension.print.absoluteImgPath true Convert image path to absolute path
markdown.extension.print.imgToBase64 false Convert images to base64 when printing to HTML
markdown.extension.print.onFileSave false Print to HTML on file save
markdown.extension.showExplorer true Show outline view in explorer panel
markdown.extension.syntax.decorations true Add decorations to strikethrough and code spans
markdown.extension.syntax.plainTheme false A distraction-free theme
markdown.extension.toc.githubCompatibility false GitHub compatibility
markdown.extension.toc.levels 1..6 Control the heading levels to show in the table of contents.
markdown.extension.toc.orderedList false Use ordered list in the table of contents.
markdown.extension.toc.plaintext false Just plain text.
markdown.extension.toc.tabSize auto Control the indentation size of TOC (auto or a number)
markdown.extension.toc.unorderedList.marker - Use -, * or + in the table of contents (for unordered list)
markdown.extension.toc.updateOnSave true Automatically update the table of contents on save.


See CHANGELOG for more information.

Latest Development Build

Download it here.

To install, execute Extensions: Install from VSIX... in the Command Palette (ctrl + shift + p)


Special thanks to all the contributors.

Thanks VSCode Power User Course for sharing many VSCode tips with me.

VSCode Power User course

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