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Releases: yznpku/LabCompass

1.4.3 release

24 Jul 16:18
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Add one Basilica Atrium layout.
Add one Mansion Atrium layout.
Fix room label covered by plan summary in Planner window.
Update Qt version to 5.13.

1.4.2 release

31 Aug 10:19
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Add one Sepulchre Halls layout with golden door.

1.4.1 release

29 Aug 12:54
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Add countdown timer for Izaro waiting phases.

All images now load asynchronously.

Fix normalization issue for Mansion Atrium layout.

Minor tweak to one of the Basilica Halls layouts.

1.4.0 release

24 Jul 07:06
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Add minimap view. (You can disable it in the config)

Add room presets window for setting and changing the preset within the tool.

Add layout prediction for rooms with only one possible layout.

Redesign the HUD image.

Fix plan length not calculated correctly.

1.3.5 release

15 Jul 07:02
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Fix door directions in one of the Estate Path layouts.

Fix potential loading issues for maps with lever puzzles.

1.3.4 release

12 Jul 19:52
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Door directions are normalized for rooms with known layouts. This means the directions provided in the map file will be matched and adjusted to the closest ones written in room-presets.json before use.

Last loaded map is now cached and will be automatically loaded on the next startup, as long as it's still up to date.

Add a log file in %APPDATA%/FutureCode/LabCompass for troubleshooting purposes.

Fix UI sometimes freezing on startup. (One last time)

Fix interaction between map notification and multi-client support.

Use json schema to validate map input.

The binary in this release is built with Qt 5.11.1 (as opposed to the old 5.9.3). Hopefully this fixes some issues related to the underlying Qt framework.

1.3.3 release

04 Jun 13:01
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Show current loaded map info while player is at Aspirant's Plaza. A warning message is displayed if no map is loaded, or the currently loaded map is outdated.

Add UTC date real-time update. You will be notified to import new maps immediately when lab receives a daily reset.

Improve map loading time.

1.3.2 release

12 May 09:11
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Add a global hotkey to hide/show the compass overlay. This hotkey does not have a default entry, so make sure you configure it in the options window before use.

Add drag & drop support for map files. You can now drag a map file onto the planner window to import it.

Clean up the options window by regrouping configurations into 4 tabs.

1.3.1 release

18 Apr 01:23
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Fix compatibility with the new file format.

1.3.0 release

16 Apr 00:35
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Add loot location display.