A JavaScript "library" that turns images into ascii art.
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A JavaScript library that turns images into ascii art.


Clone this repo and navigate to the demo directory in your browser, which contains file input and realtime webcam examples.

How to use it

All you have to do is new Asciify(image, options). This returns an Asciify instance which has the method asciify(), which computes and returns the output string.

new Asciify(image, options)


type required? description
Image or HTMLCanvasElement or HTMLImageElement or HTMLVideoElement yes The image to turn into ascii art.


type required?
Object no
Properties of options
key type required? description default
width Number no The width of the output ascii art in characters. 100
map String no A string describing which characters maps to which brightness. More about this Asciify.maps.TEN
resolutionY Number no How much the image should be shrunk vertically to account for output line height 0.6
html Boolean no Whether to output "<br>" and "&nbsp;" in place of "\n" and " ", respectively false
transparencyAsWhite Boolean no Whether to treat transparency as white; in other words, to draw the image on top of a white background then compute using that false

This is a string that defines which character should represent which brightness of the image. This string can be of any length. It starts with lowest brightness and ends with highest brightness.

These are some of the maps that Asciify comes with (note the spaces at the ends):

name map
Asciify.maps.TEN "@#%*+=-:. "
Asciify.maps.FIVE "@=:. "
Asciify.maps.TWO "@ "

They are stored in Asciify.maps.


Asciify's defaults are stored here. You can change them here to be used in subsequent instances of Asciify.


let imageElem = document.getElementById("myimage")
let asc = new Asciify(imageElem, {
  width: 500,
  resolutionY: 1,
  map: " .:-=+*%#@" // inverted colors
let asciified = asc.asciify() // output

There are a file input example and a realtime webcam example in the demo directory.