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Zclassic Full-Node Desktop GUI Wallet - v1.0.0

Windows, Mac (Sierra, High Sierra), Linux

You will need the latest version of Java.

To build from source, follow the instructions in README.md.

Keep your private keys safe! Always back them up right away!

Your wallet file is located at -

Windows: %APPDATA%\Zclassic\wallet.dat

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Zclassic/wallet.dat

Linux: ~/.zclassic/wallet.dat

If you make an encrypted wallet.dat, don't lose or share the password!

The Zclassic Daemon (zcld) and RPC Client (zcl-cli) are included in the zips.

Zclassic Daemon version v1.0.10-1-dc8e0ee8 (zcld --version)
Zclassic RPC client version v1.0.10-1-dc8e0ee8 (zcl-cli --version)

SHA256 = b6a0d13df3e605f318eb4e6398f73bf2fb6900975e8a2ff0eda406074511a57c

SHA256 = 415110660110a3410fbe46b0351dfa772b3fac2a71f8e4f6054deda0bb0ac101

SHA256 = 4cf9628adf430c1d2e8732fbecf4fce5c3989072dd18e6b457ce69d32aa8de5a

SHA256 = af506193f6bb71cb213fe608cddfae29dc100109d9b6a98162f57edc11f2da0f

To verify, run:
openssl sha -sha256 FILENAME

Base CLI wallet (Zclassic zcash-cli, zcashd) built from source - https://github.com/z-classic/zclassic

Donate to the Zclassic team (ZCL):

ZCL: t1gsePJZ6ojJYygj3PWMGJfojPUoMd5AVfU

ZCL: zcRKpvhN4dDDnw5ZXVfzeQiPcUDe28FSWKccSwn4FTkZYeURUfUYBW8i1Zfcm9Zm9oP79wgFzXb4FshyDgMoJEW3wiNkBJD

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