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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Oct 18, 2019 · 8 commits to x64 since this release


  • Various minor UI/UX fixes
  • Record view now shows context menu on right click when no nodes are selected
  • Some refactoring
  • Fixed base record filter
  • Added better error message for when getMasterNames fails
  • Updated Electron to v5.0.8, updated dependencies
  • Fixed issues with general asset detection when folder/plugin names contained special characters
  • Removed script fragment handling from zMerge - it was actually unnecessary. Merges with script fragments should no longer break.
  • Now handling dialog views

Huge thanks to RSilver and all my other Patreon supporters. My Patreon.

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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Apr 13, 2019 · 42 commits to x64 since this release

Fixed this:


  • Fixed profiles being invalid if gamePath didn't end in trailing slash
  • Fixed overflow issue with node columns on record view
  • Disabled plugins can no longer be activated on the plugins tab of the edit merge modal or the load order selection modal
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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Apr 9, 2019 · 50 commits to x64 since this release


  • Fixed script fragment handling being case sensitive
  • Now handling script fragments with custom filenames
  • Fixed extracted file handling mutating temporary extracted files directory, causing repeat builds to miss certain files
  • Fixed extracted files getting copied to drive root on repeat builds
  • Made Bethesda Archives asset section display more like other asset sections
  • Fixed an issue that caused folder names to be missing the first character
  • Fixed an issue that caused SEQ files to not be made for merges using the Clean merge method
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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Apr 8, 2019 · 57 commits to x64 since this release


  • Fixed bug with merged BSAs causing the game to crash (they were being built for the wrong game mode, see the xelib v0.6.2 changelog)
  • Now exposing zEdit logger to scripts, see Development/APIs/Scripting API
  • Fixed how building a merged archive is specified in merge data format (it's no longer an archive action, it's a separate boolean)
  • Made it so the Bethesda Archives section on the data tab is always visible so user can specify to "Build Merged Archive" for any merge
  • Made importing/exporting of merge data a bit more robust (using default values possible)
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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Apr 6, 2019 · 64 commits to x64 since this release

Hotfix release for v0.6.0, please read the release notes for v0.6.0.


  • Fixed bug with relinker not working with new merge folder name format
  • Fixed importing merge data not working with the old merge folder name format
  • Fixed issue with merge statuses not updating properly after a merge is built
  • Fixed dragging items from one list view to another
  • Made argument handling more robust
  • Added Common Mistakes guide documentation page
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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Apr 4, 2019 · 71 commits to x64 since this release

Edit view

  • Fixed Copy + Paste being totally broken

Advanced Search

  • Fixed issue with advanced search scopes throwing a "cannot convert undefined or null to object" error, see #106

Merge view

  • Fixed pressing Ctrl + S closing the application
  • Fixed bug with merge status not being set properly when a plugin is removed from a merge, see #91

Edit Merge Modal

  • Merge methods are now listed as "Clean - Merge down (improved)" and "Clobber - Merge down (old)"
  • Added load order tab, plugins tab no longer allows reordering plugins. The load order tab allows you to edit the load order of a merge. Green entries are plugins that are part of the merge, and red entries are plugins which are positioned in a way that will create an error (hover over them for a tooltip explaining the issue)
  • Added support to "Use game load order" for merges.

Settings Modal

  • Added Archive Creation Settings tab


  • Added verification for master removal when cleaning masters for "Clean" merge method. The merge will still save files for debugging on failure to remove a master.
  • Fixed archive naming when copying a single archive
  • Relink scripts disabled for FO4 (we can't actually parse FO4 papyrus scripts currently)
  • Improved merge down now handles records overriding or injected into plugins being merged correctly
  • Now ignoring case when searching for loose game assets
  • Fixed duplicate Form ID warnings
  • Added option to create a merged BSA
  • Now using temporary filename when merging (see #110). This allows creating a merged plugin with a filename the same as that of a plugin being merged
  • Now failing with an explicit error message when plugins aren't contiguous when using the clobber merge method
  • Merge files are now saved into a folder named after the merge merge - <MergeName>, see #97
  • Fixed issue with Form ID overflow when >128 plugins were loaded when merging, see #105
  • Changed default merge method to Clobber - will be changed back to Clean when it has been verified that the issue with CleanMasters causing an access violation exception has been confirmed to be resolved
  • Fixed merges not tracking archive action


  • Added arguments documentation page
  • Added GetREFRs, GetGameLanguage, GetInjectionTarget, WithHandleGroup, ExtractSignature, BuildReferenceMap, ResolveElements, and ResolveElementsEx documentation
  • Added Archive Creation Settings tab documentation page
  • Added Edit Merge Load Order tab documentation


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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Feb 2, 2019 · 149 commits to x64 since this release


  • Added support for appMode, profile, and skipLoadOrder arguments

Load Order Modal

  • Now locking load order modal so other modals can't be opened after it's been opened

Profiles modal

  • Updated profiles modal style for proper scaling, increased width
  • Added languages to the profile language dropdown

Record view

  • Added option to jump to a record in the tree view from record view
  • Fixed bug with array nodes when array items have no names

Edit merge modal

  • Fixed bug with masters and indexes getting messed up on the edit merge plugins tab

Settings Modal

  • Fix for values changing when visiting the integration settings tab

Save plugin as modal

  • Fixed bug with validation


  • Fix for extracted files not getting copied to output directory
  • Fixed bug with not stripping the UTF16 marker when concatenating MCM translation files
  • Now handling translation files in BSAs
  • Now normalizing all file paths
  • Now escaping patterns when getting general assets and searching BSAs
  • Added improved merge method
  • Fixed issue with not updating form IDs in filenames when records have been renumbered
  • Fixed bug with exceeding or not reaching max progress when merging


  • Restored missing sessionStarted event, fixes UPF patchers being available on multiple game modes
  • Updated xelib and xedit-lib
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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Nov 4, 2018 · 233 commits to x64 since this release


  • Should fix bug with remove unavailable plugins not updating merge load order
  • Fixed typo on merge plugins comparison documentation page
  • Fixed case-sensitivity in isBethesdaPlugin and isBethesdaArchive
  • Fixed SEQ file error when checking DNAM\Flags
  • Fixed bug with setting mergePath to mods path for non-MO managers
  • Should fix weirdness with the edit merge plugins tab initializing wrong
  • Fixed bug with Automate Modal new script button
  • Updated xelib and xedit-lib
  • Made fh.delete a little safer when deleting directory fails
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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Nov 1, 2018 · 243 commits to x64 since this release

Hotfix release for v0.5.0, please read the release notes for v0.5.0.


  • Now disabling bethesda plugins in edit merge plugins tab
  • Merge filename is now automatically set based on merge name initially
  • Added warning for when plugin with merge filename already exists
  • Now properly updating merge status after building merges
  • Updated application modes documentation page
  • Fixed bug with disable mods integration not being shown
  • Now setting merge output path to mod manager mods path by default
  • Merge view actions are now sticky
  • Fixed bug with build button not being visible for "Up to date" merges
  • Fixed bug when closing the edit merge modal
  • Updated UPF to v1.5.1
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@matortheeternal matortheeternal released this Oct 29, 2018 · 263 commits to x64 since this release

Hotfix release for v0.5.0, please read the release notes for v0.5.0.


  • Fixed bug with deleting merge folder when rebuilding ("ENOTEMPTY" error)
  • Added confirmation dialog when deleting a merge.
  • Fixed bug with copying Bethesda archives ("ReferenceError: filePath is not defined")
  • Fixed bug with list view context menu ("Can't read property selectAll of undefined")
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