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Matlab implementation of Contour Integration using Graph-Cut and Non-Classical Receptive Field


We proposed a graph-based framework that gets the soft-value of other methods as its input and creates more meaningful contours. Inspired by the concept of non-classical receptive fields in the primary visual cortex, we considered important factors such as connectivity, smoothness, and length of the contour beside the soft-values.

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How to use


  • Download the maxflow folder from this repository and make it. (The Original reference is:
  • The function edge2contour gets the soft edge-map and the parameters and returns the binary contour-map.
  • Run the Gradient_Magnitude_test.m, mPb_test.m and SCG_test.m to see the result of applying our framework on three methods including: Gradient Magnitude, mPb and SCG. The parameters are trained for these three methods. If you require to employ our framework on your soft method, you should train the parameters anew.


  • Download the MCS library and its dependencies from
  • Download Berkeley Contour Detection and Image Segmentation Resources from and build it. It contains the BSDS500 dataset and also evaluation codes.
  • Run your soft edge detection method on training data and save the outputs as .mat format in a directory named softmap_directory.
  • Consider an initial threshold and convert soft outputs to binary. After that compute the direction map for each binary image and save them as .mat format in a directory named dirmap_directory. For this purpose, you can use skeletonOrientation.m function that gets a binary image and returns orientation. Keep in mind that the initial threshold should not be too high.
  • Open train.m file and edit the following paths: softmap_directory, dirmap_directory, training images directory, and ground truth images directory.
  • Open train.m file and set the path of required libraries and run it. You can easily change the optimization parameters.


Contour Integration using Graph-Cut and Non-Classical Receptive Field



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