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Zplot: a Python-based plotting tool to make simple EPS, PDF, and SVG graphs
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Welcome to zplot.

If you just want to use zplot, a reasonably recent version is available via pip (e.g., "pip install zplot").

If you want to hack on it, you can clone it/etc. from github (e.g., "git clone").

As for the files found within this repo:

The source code for zplot is stored simply here: zplot/

The docs are found here: docs/

Most of these are auto-generated from and the existing examples. If you wish to understand how they are generated, start with docs/Makefile and go from there. Type "make" in the docs/ directory to build the docs.

Examples are found in here: examples/

Each sub-directory contains a number of examples of different types of plots. Many of these are inspired from examples on the ploticus website (

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