A Git based Todos App for Developers ⚡️
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Git Todos Logo

A Git based Todos App for Developers

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Git-todos is Command Line Interface (CLI) that helps to manage local To-Dos with ease. It aims to help you get things done rather than organizing them.

You can use Git-todos to add/remove To-Do items locally, import issues from remote repositories and to automate the generation of Git commits. Git-todos stores To-Dos list locally, and per-repository.


  • 📖 Uses plain text file as storage
  • 🙌 Developers friendly
  • 🚀 Helps to get things done
  • :octocat: Easily import issues from GitHub
  • ✌️ Adds a little bit of encouragements

Interrested to learn more? Read the original blog post.


Latest release

You can grab the latest binary from the releases page.

Install on Linux

On Linux you can install or update to the latest released version with snap:

$ snap install git-todos
$ snap refresh git-todos

Note: Because snaps with strict confinement can't access the global ~/.gitconfig file, you may need to configure user.name and user.email per repository in order for git-todos to perform commits.

Run these commands to resolve the issue:

$ git config --local user.email "you@example.com"
$ git config --local user.name "Your Name"

Install on macOS

On macOS you can install or upgrade to the latest released version with Homebrew:

$ brew tap ahmed-taj/git-todos
$ brew install git-todos
$ brew upgrade git-todos

Do you prefer another way to install? Let me know


The project provides a simple Command Line Interface (CLI). To use the tool simply run git-todos. If the tool binary is available in your system PATH you may also run it without the - e.g: git todos <command>, thanks to Git.

$ git-todos help
A Git based Todos App for Developers ⚡

  git-todos [command]

Available Commands:
  add         Add a new Todo
  finish      Finish a Todo and commit staged changes
  help        Help about any command
  import      Import an issue from remote Provider (ie. GitHub) as Todo
  list        List available Todos
  mark        Mark a single Todo
  remove      Remove existing Todo
  show        Show Todo details
  version     Print the version number

  -h, --help   help for git-todos

Use "git-todos [command] --help" for more information about a command.

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The project is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE