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EC2 Running Instance Watcher Accross all AWS regions
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Instance Watcher 👀


This AWS Lambda function will send you once a day a recap email with the list of the running EC2 instances on all AWS region for a giver AWS Account. I'm using this for non-prod, lab, and personal AWS accounts, to get a kindly reminder of what I've left running.

Core features

  • List running EC2 instances across all AWS Regions
  • Check name, instance-id, instance_type, key_name, region, launch_time
  • Filter / White list capability using a tag
  • Send summary by email once a day
  • Serverless Architecture using Lambda, Lambda layer, SES


  • Verify your sender SES email
  • Create <your_project>-artifacts s3 bucket (default is instance-watcher)


change emails settings in

# Email Settings
recipients = ['', '']
subject = '<your email subject>'
sender = 'Instance Watcher <>'
charset = "UTF-8"
    $ make layer
    $ make package project=<your_project>
    $ make deploy project=<your_project>


If you want to whitelist a particular EC2 instance to by hidden from the daily report, you will need add the following tag to the instance.

Key Value
iw off


  • Create input file for settings or param store (recipients, sender, etc..)
  • Add RDS Instances table
  • Add Detached EBS table
  • Add Detached EIP table
  • Multi-Account Support
  • Add instance role
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