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S3 Backup Notifier ✉️

Deploy s3-backup-notifier

S3 backup notifier intends to daily check the last object date in an AWS S3 bucket, and if it's older than today, send alerting email via AWS Simple Email Service (SES).

I'm using this to monitor the effectiveness of backup of my home automation systems and be alerted on any failed backup intend.

Technical details

Fully serverless.

  • Uses AWS Lambda function (Python)
  • Scheduled Lambda (daily) using CloudWatch Events
  • Uses AWS Simple Email Service (SES) for Emails Notifications

Nb: deployment for my own usage is done using Github Actions, you can check the associated workflow.



  • Configure AWS Credentials (prefer aws-vault)
  • Create a bucket called: <project_name>-artifacts (Prefer versioned and encrypted)

Its using AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)

👩‍🏭 Build & Deploy

Build AWS Lambda function package.

$ make package

Deploy CloudFormation stack

Nb: RECIPIENTS var is space-separated

$ make deploy \
    PROJECT=<your_project_name> \
    ENV=<your_env> \
    MONITORING_BUCKET=<bucket_to_monitor> \
    S3_PREFIX=<s3_prefix> \
    SENDER=<sender_email> \
    RECIPIENTS='<recipient_email1> <recipient_email2>' \


Remove unused folders and files after the deployment of your stack.

$ make clean

Destroy Stack

$ make tear-down


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