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Parses Windower resource files (as output by ResourceExtractor) and creates FFXI DAT files based on those. Will only write DAT content which is provided in the parsed resources, will not remove existing data otherwise. Supports adjusting existing data as well as adding new data.


Required parameters:

  1. Directory of the modified resource files to use as a template
  2. Directory of the FFXI installation to read DAT files from

Optional flags:

  • --validate Enables basic validation of some of the assumptions used for its algorithms, otherwise it will proceed with no assumptions, which is riskier but faster.
  • --decode Will generate decoded DAT files in addition to the proper files for the game (in its own folder decoded/).
  • --backup Will back up current FFXI files in folder backup/. Off by default, since it doesn't overwrite them by default either. Will always overwrite existing backups if used, so if the game files were modified this will back up the modified files and possibly overwrite existing backups.
  • --restore Will restore game files from existing backups. Will not run the builder mechanism and abort immediately upon restoring the backups.

The resulting DAT files will be written to the resources directory (sub folder results/), so they will not automatically take effect in-game. Back up existing FFXI DATs first, then copy the new ones to the game directory. The decoded files will be here as well.

Not yet implemented

Currently only supports item resources, all other resources cannot be modified.

Does not yet support Japanese DAT files.

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