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Releases: z2442/daedalus

DaedalusX64 1.1.7

29 Mar 00:18
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Daedalusx64 has moved from my personal repo here to:

Releases 1.1.7 and above will be available there

DaedalusX64 1.1.6

22 Feb 12:44
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This build brings many improvements and fixes from our hard working team!!

[+] Updated our toolchain which was provided by top-sekret, this provides GCC 8 and oddly has improved performance of Daedalus
[+] Make some changes to the job manager to improve audio performance, Audio is very stable now.
[+] Enable more fast memory copying

Most of these were contributed by z2442 and has made the PSP build amazing to use.

I (Wally) have been focusing on getting the PC version of Daedalus working as we can use that to further improve the emulator and hopefully further improve the PSP version.

The first target platform is Linux, I have moved from GLFW to SDL2 for portability and it doesn't appear to have any impact on the framerate however we don't have a framerate limiter yet and mario runs at.. 150FPS so it's hard to play. We'll have something working hopefully by mid-year as there's some other important things we need to pay attention to.

If you wish to chat with us, you can find us at:
PSP Homebrew Discord channel -
Freenode @ #daedalusX64

DaedalusX64 1.15

18 Jan 12:44
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Not sure if you remember me but it is I, Wally from the DaedalusX64 OG Team / Spiffup releases.
It's been a while but something tugged my heart strings when I heard that z2442 took on Daedalus and I figured i'd help try and modernize it and make it work a lot better.

This release might not be such a huge deal yet but for stability and portability we needed to make some changes:

  • Move to a modern make system - Daedalus was left in 2009 with gyp as it's main compiler but that lead to trouble and the PSP build did not work with that. I've moved all the source files and managed to get it compiing in CMake which to me is by far a more flexible system than gyp. This will allow us to finally start to look at making the macOS / Linux and Windows versions working again.
    If you've built the source in the past. (Not sure if StrmnNrmn would approve but like make did to him, gyp makes me want to tear my eyes out. :P
    There are still some things that need to be moved, like the PSP PRX sources but that can wait as it's not important.

  • Clean up the Source - Still work in progress but is happening as there appear to be other projects in the pipeline. The source has lost some weight and likely will continue to do so until it's nice and clean

So please test this, have fun. Sources are on GitHub - Commit 2027

If you want to reach out to us we're at:
PSP Homebrew Server Discord -
or if you want to be in my lonely IRC channel - #daedalusx64

We'd love to hear your testing results 👍


26 Oct 23:51
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1.1.4 Pre-release

This is a stable release and compilation over all of our work up until now.
*improved stability and performance
*minor changes to the dynarec
*updated some UI aspects to remove graphical bugs

*If using a ps vita please delete the MediaEngine.prx form the DaedalusX64 folder. This will prevent issues when running audio in async mode. The vita does not have and does not emulation the psps co processor.
*Preview images have been removed from the binary file since it is to large to for github. If you would like them please down load them from this repo and place them in \DaedalusX64\Resources\Preview.

*Improve dynarec further
*Correct exiting to XMB
*Update the VFPU code to match that of the current PSPSDK
*Complete vita detection so the mediaengine prx is not loaded when in use on a vita

DaedalusX64 v1.1.3

22 Aug 12:00
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Further improvements to code optimization including more efficient maths and faster code for the Media Engine bring even further performance improvements.

Next release may bring a rewrite to the Media Engine's job manager, making sound processing perform better and bringing games such as F-Zero X, which were bottlenecked by the Media Engine, huge speedups.

Daedalus x64 1.1.2

15 Aug 23:02
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Daedalus x64 1.1.2 Pre-release

This release has been updated to compile on the latest PSP SDK. Minor changes to the code and makefile.

Daedalusx64 1.1.1

15 Jun 02:22
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Daedalusx64 1.1.1 Pre-release

Compiled with a small makefile change