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@wally4000 wally4000 released this Jan 18, 2019 · 201 commits to master since this release

Not sure if you remember me but it is I, Wally from the DaedalusX64 OG Team / Spiffup releases.
It's been a while but something tugged my heart strings when I heard that z2442 took on Daedalus and I figured i'd help try and modernize it and make it work a lot better.

This release might not be such a huge deal yet but for stability and portability we needed to make some changes:

  • Move to a modern make system - Daedalus was left in 2009 with gyp as it's main compiler but that lead to trouble and the PSP build did not work with that. I've moved all the source files and managed to get it compiing in CMake which to me is by far a more flexible system than gyp. This will allow us to finally start to look at making the macOS / Linux and Windows versions working again.
    If you've built the source in the past. (Not sure if StrmnNrmn would approve but like make did to him, gyp makes me want to tear my eyes out. :P
    There are still some things that need to be moved, like the PSP PRX sources but that can wait as it's not important.

  • Clean up the Source - Still work in progress but is happening as there appear to be other projects in the pipeline. The source has lost some weight and likely will continue to do so until it's nice and clean

So please test this, have fun. Sources are on GitHub - Commit 2027

If you want to reach out to us we're at:
PSP Homebrew Server Discord -
or if you want to be in my lonely IRC channel - #daedalusx64

We'd love to hear your testing results 👍

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