Rust implementation of k-d tree to efficiently perform color quantization to predefined sets
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See the article for this repo here:

An implementation of a k-d tree to quantize color images down to a defined set.

After cloning, use cargo build --release to download dependencies and compile. From there, you can invoke the binary directly in ./target/release/chromatic_confiner <args> or you can use cargo run --release -- <args>.

There are three required files to be passed into the program.

-c <FILE> The color specification file to be used in restricting the image. This should be formatted as a list of r,g,b color values, with one color per line. See for an example.

-i <FILE> The input image to quantize

-o <FILE> The path of the resultant output image (this should end in .png).

You can pass the -n flag to run the slow version of this algorithm. This is the non k-d tree version, which runs much more slowly than the k-d tree version when the number of colors is large. See for a more detailed comparison.

Example usage (can be run immediately after cloning):

cargo run --release -- -c color_files/1kcolors.colors -i images/bridge_4096_2304.jpg -o image.png will produce this image (in ./image.png, the image you see here is scaled down to reduce load time of this repo. Image provided courtesy of Julian Herzog, see LICENSE for more information):

Exmaple output, scaled to 25% size, image of bridge quantized to 1024 random colors

If you would like to try out this code on huge images, I recommend searching for images on Wikimedia Commons. Here is a 30,000 x 23,756 pixel image of Starry Night, for example.