Checks for new songs on Monstercat Connect and sends the cover & title to a Telegram channel
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MonstercatConnectNotifier Build Status


Screenshot from Telegram Desktop

Please note, that I don't have any rights on this image.


  • Python 3 or newer
  • A Telegram account


  • Copy to

Create your Telegram bot

  • Write /newbot to @BotFather on Telegram and follow the instructions
  • Copy the token you get at the end into bot_token in

Create your Telegram channel

This depends on the platform you are doing this on (these instructions are for Telegram desktop)

  • Click the "create" icon in the search field
  • Choose New channel and give it a name
  • Add your bot (use the @username) as an administrator to the channel
  • Copy the channel username into chat_id in (that it looks like chat_id="@ConnectNotifier")


  • Start