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Stashbox is a lightweight, portable dependency injection framework for .NET based solutions. Join the chat at https://gitter.im/z4kn4fein/stashbox Slack

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  • Fluent interface - for faster and easier configuration, attributes also can be used.
  • Interface/type mapping - single service, instance registration, remapping of existing registrations also supported.
  • Resolution via delegates - any number of parameters can be injected, they will be reused for subdenpendency resolution as well.
  • Named registration - multiple registrations with the same interface type.
  • Assembly registration - service lookup in assemblies, composition root implementations also supported.
  • Factory registration - factories with several parameters can be registered.
  • Initializer / finalizer - custom initializer and finalizer actions can be set.
  • Multiple service resolution - all implementation registered for an interface can be obtained.
  • Unknown type resolution - unregistered services can be resolved or injected.
  • Default and optional value injection - primitive types or dependencies with default or optional value can be injected.
  • Open generic type resolution - concrete generic types can be resolved from open generic definitions, constraint checking and nested generic definitions are checked.
  • Constructor, property and field injection - supports attribute driven injection and auto injection as well, where there is no chance to decorate members with attributes.
  • Injection method - methods decorated with InjectionMethod attribute will be called at resolution time.
  • Wiring into container - member injection can be executed on existing instances.
  • Building up existing instance - member injection can be executed on existing instance without registering it into the container.
  • Child scopes - parent/child container support.
  • Lifetime scopes - hierarchical/named scoping support.
  • Lifetime management - including Singleton, Transient, Scoped, NamedScope and PerResolutionRequest lifetime, custom user defined lifetimes can also be used.
  • Conditional resolution - attribute, parent-type and custom user defined conditions can be specified.
  • IDisposable object tracking - IDisposable objects are being disposed by the container.
  • Cleanup delegates - custom delegate can be configured which'll be called when the container/scope is being disposed.
  • Circular dependency tracking - the container checks the dependency graph for circular dependencies, specific excpetion will be thrown if any found.
  • Special types - generic wrappers:
    • Collections: everything assignable to IEnumerable<T> e.g. T[], ICollection<T>, IReadOnlyCollection<T>, IList<T> etc.
    • Lazy<>, Func<>, Tuple<>
    • Parameter injection over factory method arguments e.g. Func<TParam, TService>, Func<TParam1, TParam2, TService>, etc. applied to subdependencies as well.
    • Nested wrappers e.g. Tuple<TService, IEnumerable<Func<TParam, Lazy<TService1>>>>.
  • Custom resolvers - the existing activation rutines can be extended with custom resolvers.
  • Container extensions - the container's functionality can be extended with custom extensions, e.g. Auto configuration parser extension
  • Custom configuration - the behavior of the container can be controlled with custom configurations.
  • Container validation - the resolution graph can be validated by calling the Validate() function.
  • Decorator support / Interception - service decorators can be registered and also can used for interception with Castle DynamicProxy

Supported platforms

  • .NET 4.0 and above
  • Windows 8/8.1/10
  • Windows Phone Silverlight 8/8.1
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Xamarin (Android/iOS/iOS Classic)
  • .NET Standard 1.0
  • .NET Standard 1.3
  • .NET Standard 2.0

Sample usage

class Wulfgar : IBarbarian
    public Wulfgar(IWeapon weapon)

var container = new StashboxContainer();

container.RegisterType<IWeapon, AegisFang>();
container.RegisterType<IBarbarian, Wulfgar>();

var wulfgar = container.Resolve<IBarbarian>();




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