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Z80 Macro Assembler


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z80asm is part of the z88dk project and is used as the back-end of the z88dk C compilers. It has a long history of development by different people and in different platforms, resulting in a complex code base and causing changes to be difficult to implement.

This repository holds the next generation z80asm under development.


The original z80asm module assembler was written by Gunther Strube. It was converted from QL SuperBASIC version 0.956, initially ported to Lattice C, and then to C68 on QDOS.

It has been maintained since 2011 by Paulo Custodio.

Copyright (C) Gunther Strube, InterLogic 1993-99
Copyright (C) Paulo Custodio, 2011-2018


The original C source code is in the z88dk GitHub. This version is in the z80asm GitHub.


Artistic License 2.0

Project Objectives

The current project has the following objectives:

  1. Be as much as reasonable compatible with the previous version;
  2. Replace the previous version as C-compiler back-end;
  3. Portable to at least Windows, Linux and OS-X;

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