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Platform Casio FP1000

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Hardware summary

  • Z80 @ 4 Mhz + uPD7801G @ 2MHz
  • 64k RAM, 36k ROM + ~12k sub cpu ROM
  • VDP: HD46505 (m6845 clone), 48K VRAM total via the uPD7801G


zcc +fp1100 world.c -create-app

This will create a .d88 image that's suitable for loading into FD1 of the Takeda emulator. Insert the disc, reset the machine and your app will boot.

Generic console modes

  • Mode 0 = 40 column text
  • Mode 1 = 80 column text



  • Although the machine has 64k RAM, the ROM is copied into RAM so the maximum program size is around 20k
  • Anything graphical has to go via the sub cpu. Communication with it is a little slow so displaying anything on screen is sluggish
  • Not all subcpu commands are known, so graphics are not available
  • The keyboard makes an annoying beep for every keypress


No specific libraries are at the moment available for the Casio FP-1100. To transfer files on a disk image with cpmtools a specific disk definition must be provided in the 'diskdefs' file:

# Casio FP-1100
diskdef fp1100
  seclen 256
  cylinders 40
  sectrk 16
  heads 2
  blocksize 2048
  maxdir 128
  boottrk 4
  os 2.2

WARNING: With the suggested definition the file transfer commands will work but the target disk image will possibly loose the ability to boot.


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