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Platform MSX

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Classic library support

  • Native console output
  • Native console input
  • ANSI vt100 engine
  • Generic console
    • Redefinable font
    • UDG support
  • Lores graphics
  • Hires graphics
  • PSG sound
  • One bit sound (on the keyboard speaker)
  • Inkey driver
  • Hardware joystick
  • File I/O (MSXDOS + MSXDOS2)
  • Interrupts
  • RS232

Quick start

zcc +msx -create-app adv_a.c

This will generate two files, a.bin (a pure binary block to be run at $9c40, sometimes requiring extra data blocks) and a.cas, a fully packaged binary tape image suitable for the MSX emulators.

zcc +msx -create-app -subtype=wav adv_a.c

This will create also 'a.wav', ready to be transferred on a tape.

For the above examples the BASIC command is BLOAD "CAS:",R

zcc +msx -subtype=msxdos -lm adv_a.c

This will generate a file, which is located at $100, as required by MSXDOS.

16K model

To run on a 16K machine, you need to move the code origin to the upper half. '-zorg=49200' should be a good option for you zcc command line. Any working address for the 16k model will still work on the 32k models.

ROM mode

The generate a ROM binary add the option -subtype=rom. In this mode, not all functions will work.

Under some condition, if lots of preset data is provided, an option permits to compress the default values before storing them in the ROM: -pragma-define:CRT_MODEL=2

Disk subtype

  • compile the adv_a game

     zcc +msx -create-app -subtype=disk adv_a.c

It generates three files, a.bin, (pure binary file) and a.msx (binary file with some header stuff) as well as an a.img which is a MSX-DOS format disc image.

The file can be loaded from MSX-BASIC with the command:

bload "a.msx",r

MSXDOS subtype

z88dk provides MSXDOS1 (using CP/M bdos calls) and MSXDOS2 (using MSXDOS2 API calls) libraries for accessing files on disc.

    zcc +msx -create-app -subtype=msxdos adv_a.c

Will create a .img file containing a binary that uses BDOS calls to access files.

    zcc +msx -create-app -subtype=msxdos2 adv_a.c

Creates a .img containing a binary that uses MSXDOS2 API calls. Additional functionality such as mkdir(), chdir() is available when compiling with the msxdos2 subtype.

The TMS9918a library

z88dk provides a TMS9918a library that allows hardware access to the VDP chip. All graphical functionality supplied by z88dk uses these functions and such is hardware independent.

The VT/ANSI console driver

The ANSI driver provides a VT100 emulation, accepting escape codes that are compatible across the platforms that support the ANSI driver and of course unix terminals. The conio.h variant provided by z88dk is tightly interconnected to this driver and provides useful extra features like cursor positioning and detection of the current txt resolution.

How to change the font size in the VT/ANSI emulation library

The selection of columns is now a link time option, for example with ansi test you can compile as follows:

zcc +msx ansitest.c -create-app -lndos -pragma-need=ansiterminal -pragma-define:ansicolumns=64

Valid columns are:

 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 42, 51, 64, 80, 85, 128

How to change the font that is used

On the MSX you can switch to the ROM font by specifying the following options to the compile line:

-pragma-define:ansifont=7359 -pragma-define:ansifont_is_packed=0 -pragma-define:ansicolumns=32

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