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Platform Mitsubishi Multi8

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Hardware summary

  • Z80 @ 3.993600 Mhz
  • 64k RAM, 32k ROM + 2K chargen
  • VDP: HD46505 (m6845 clone), 48K VRAM total
  • Audio: AY-3-8192 on ports 0x18 and 0x19


zcc +multi8 world.c -create-app

The resulting .cas file can be loaded into an emulator by entering the following commands:


The default compile target is limited to about 10k. To be able to write a larger program we need to switch the machine into all ram mode and then load our program. The following is a non-automated way to do it:

cd z88dk/support/multi8
zcc +multi8 bootstrap.c -create-app -o bootstrap

This will create our bootstrap loader.

You can then compile your program with the -subtype=64k option:

zcc +multi8 adv_a.c -subtype=64k -create-app -o adv_a

You can then concatenate the two files together:

cat bootstrap.cas adv_a.cas > adventure.cas

And then load that file as usual.

Generic console modes

  • Mode 0 = 40 column text
  • Mode 1 = 80 column text
  • Mode 2 = 80 column graphics mode


Use of the graphics library switches to mode 2 and provides a 640x200 monochrome resolution.


Scrolling in mode 2 is particularly slow - we have to move 48kb of data to scroll the display one text line upwards.


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