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Platform SMC 777

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Hardware summary

  • Z80 @ 4.028 Mhz
  • 32k ROM (SMC-70) 16k ROM (SMC-777)
  • 64k RAM
  • MC6845
  • 32k VRAM
  • SN76489 (SMC-777)
  • 2 joysticks (port 0x051 and 0x151)

This port is under development

This machine can run both CP/M and S-OS and hence applications compiled for either OS will work. The target specific library can be used under either OS but testing has mostly taken place under CP/M.

Classic library support

  • Native console output
  • Native console input
  • ANSI vt100 engine
  • Generic console
    • Redefinable font
    • UDG support
  • Lores graphics
  • Hires graphics
  • PSG sound
  • One bit sound
  • Inkey driver
  • Hardware joystick
  • File I/O
  • Interrupts
  • RS232


zcc +cpm file.c -subtype=smc777 -create-app

This command will create a .dsk image suitable for use in emulators.

Running compiled code

The target is a CP/M derivative, so you will need to boot into CP/M and launch the application from the secondary drive.


The target has been tested using the Takeda emulator.

Graphics support

The following screen modes are available:

  • Mode 0: 80x25, 160x50 lores graphics
  • Mode 1: 40x25, 80x50 lores graphics


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