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Platform Sega SC3000

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Machine Specifications

  • CPU: Z80 @ 3.579 Mhz
  • VDP: TMS9918, 16k VRAM
  • PSG: SN76489
  • RAM: 1k (SG-1000), 2k (SC-3000)
  • ROM: 0k

The BASIC ROMs that are available supply more RAM and hence make RAM based programs possible.

Quick start (BASIC)

zcc +sc3000 -create-app -Cz--audio -oadventure adv_a.c

The binary converter (appmake) will create a file named "adventure.wav" (along with a totally usupported 'TAP' file). Such file can be used on an emulator or loaded on the real hardware. Optionally the loading speed can be tweaked with the '-Cz––fast' parameter (you use it at your own risk !).

SF-7000 disk drive extension

zcc +sc3000 -create-app -subtype=sf7000 -Cz--audio -oadventure -zorg=40000 adv_a.c

In this case we are preparing an object file for the SF-7000 extension, positioned at location 40000

ROM mode option

zcc +sc3000 -subtype=rom program.c

The ROM should also be compatible with the Sega SG-1000.

Supported libraries

Most of the monochrome graphics lib and most of the MSX functions are supported. Due to the different BASIC ROMs available, the library does not depend on any ROM routines.

Emulator hints

MAME (formerly MESS)

mame sc3000 -cass1 a.wav -cart1

.. LOAD, play tape, RUN

Takeda Emulator

Create a ROM and then insert it.


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