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Platform Sharp PC

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Sharp PC-G8xx, PC-E2xx..

The Sharp PC-Gxxx are programmable calculators featuring C and assembly low level programming features.

Basic support (24x4 text mode) is provided via BIOS (IOCS) for the following models: PC-E200, PC-E220, PC-G801, PC-G802, PC-G803, PC-G805, PC-G811, PC-G813, PC-G815, PC-G820, PC-G830

Advanced graphics functions are available for: PC-G850, PC-G850V

Sound mod is supported.

Command Line

4 rows text:

zcc +g800 -create-app program.c

6 rows text:

zcc +g800 -create-app -clib=g850b program.c

8 rows text, (progam must first initialize the screen by clearing it [e.g. fputc_cons(12)] ):

zcc +g800 -create-app -clib=g850 program.c

Emulator hints

The 'G800' emulator is a japanese SHARP PC-G850/G815/E200 emulator for Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

The z88dk compiled programs are automatically converted into Intel HEX files, which can be passed to the emulator as command line options, eg:

g800 -machine=e200 a.ihx

At the emulated calculator's prompt, enter 'g100' to run the program.

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