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Platform Sorcerer

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Sorcerer Exidy

Known clones: Personal Systems Consulting PS-80, Dynasty smart-ALEC II

The Sorcerer Exidy has been tested on the MESS emulator by transferring the programs in WAV file format as well as .srr format in JSourcerer

The example above is taken by a specific version capable of reprogramming a part of the text font.

A low resolution version of the game can also be obtained by using the standard graphics functions. On the "Sorcerer" the resolution is 128x60.

Quick start (JSorcerer)

zcc +srr world.c -create-app

Click the tape icon and select the .srr file. The program can then be loaded with the following command (UPPERCASE):


Quick start (MESS)

zcc +srr -lm -create-app dstar.c -Cz--audio

The program can then be loaded by the 'monitor' with the following command (UPPERCASE):


Console and graphics

The default console for the Exidy is the Generic Console, this is integrated in with the low resolution graphics library. As a result the character code space is split up as follows:

  • Characters 32 - 127 = Standard Exidy font
  • Characters 128 - 255 = Custom UDGS or
  • Characters 128 - 143 = Custom UDGS, 144 - 159 = Block graphics, 160 - 255 = Custom Font

The block graphics will be automatically defined should your program use the graphics plotting routines.

Appmake extras

The appmake tool can be run in "dumb" mode to generate the corresponding audio track of some external program. Note that in the sorcerer case the binary 'format' is probably not used by different programs than z88dk, since it is being invented here.

C:\>appmake +srr --dumb --audio -b program.srr

The optional "--300bps" flag will make a 300 baud audio track compatible with the Kansas City Standard, (monitor command SE T=1).

"-Cz--fast" slightly speeds up the wav stream varying the tones in a non-standard way.

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