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Platform Tatung Einstein

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Tatung Einstein

The Tatung Einstein is a CP/M compatible platform, so the same base library can be used, but extra functionalities are available.

The Einstein video generated by a TMS9929A VDP, as a result the MSX libraries available.

Command Line

zcc  +cpm -lm -subtype=einstein -oPROGRAM.COM program.c -create-app

A .dsk image file will be created that can be loaded as the second disc in emulators. For example:

mame einstein -flop1 dos80.dsk -flop2 PROGRAM.dsk

When the Einstein boots enter:


And your program will start.

Alternatively, you can omit -create-app and use the EDIP program to create a bootable disc image.

Be sure to create upper case files to make them readable by the Einstein operating system.

TK02 80 column card

The TK02 is supported via switching to mode 10 using console_ioctl, you'll need to start Mame as follows:

mame einstein -pipe tk02 -flop1 SYSTEM80.DSK


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