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Suite deficiencies

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Compiler (sccz80)

Designated initialisers

So far, sccz80 does not support designated initialisers.

File Names

The Windows version might get in trouble with uppercase source file names. When in trouble try renaming your files.

Additionally, avoid program/module names beginning with numbers or symbols.

Expression Folding

Expressions are evaluated left to right, and no folding is applied, as a result ''(1 + j + 3)'' will generate bulkier code than ''( j + 1 + 3 )''.

Compiler (zsdcc)

Struct assignment

The current version of zsdcc used (3.8.5) does not support assigning of structs. This limitation will be removed when z88dk upgrades to 3.9.0

Assembler (z80asm)

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