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Software, firmware and hardware for my Universal LIRC USB Receiver
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This project contains hardware schematics, firmware and software needed to build
the LIRC USB receiver described in:

* hardware - contains KiCAD project files and schematics for both prototype
  board (PIC18F4553) and final board (PIC18F2553) with external KiCAD libraries
  in the libs directory
* firmware - MPLAB.X firmware project. Requires the Microchip USB Framework
  2012-04-03 for PIC18 and C18 (though compiling it with XC8 should be possible)

  Please note that files under this folder may be distributed under a different
  license than the rest. Please see LICENSES below.

* software - contains the adapter script, configuration file and udev rules for 
  the VIP/PID the code uses. Folder also contains LIRC file for my remote
  control, as well as an XBMC configuration for it

== NOTES ==

* The code is based on the Microchip CDC Basic example, and as such uses the
  VIP/PID of the sample. This is OK if you use it only on your computer, but if
  you do anything else with it consider changing these identifiers. There are
  several free-to-use VID/PID pairs under certain limitation you can use.
* Linux got two drivers working with this example: ftdi-sio and cdc-acm. I
  prefer using the latter as the former is an implementation of a proprietary
  protocol which I've had some problems with. As far as I can say, Ubuntu will
  prefer using ftdi-sio (/dev/ttyUSB*). If you have any problems with try, try
  to switch to cdc-acm (ttyACM*).
* I've had a weird issue in Ubuntu, where the serial port was configured
  incorrectly (cooked), causing packet loss and bad experience. Make sure you
  don't have any service trying to configure serial ports, such as
  network-manager or anything


* This project, except for its firmware (see below), is distributes under the
  MIT license
* The project uses some KiCAD libraries from Pierre Launay search engine
* All firmware files (except queue.c, queue.h, receiver.cand config_bits.c) are
  based on Microchip's Basic CDC Device example code which is distributed under
  the Microchip Application Solutions User Agreement. These files might be
  distributed under a different license than the MIT license. queue.c, queue.h,
  receiver.c and config_bits.c are licensed under the MIT license
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