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zMMIX ---- MMIX Unit Test Framework


zMMIX is an unit test framwork for MMIX.
It can help you to test mms program without writing a :Main routine. The framework use data-driven testing, you only need to care about the input and output.

Make, Install, Use

make and install

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install


% test for demo.mms
zmmix_gt test_demo.mmt
mmixal -b 120 test_demo.mms
mmix test_demo

For usual, test source use mmt as suffix. For current, .mms and .mmt must be PUT IN THE SAME DIRECTORY.
Because the original mmixal use 72 for default line buffer size, so it must specify the buffersize option. Of course, you can modify the mmixal.w or mmixal.c source and recompile it.

Test Structure

There 4 pair test label:
[TEST_TARGET mms_file_name]
[TEST_SUITE test_suite_name]
[TEST_CASE test_case_name]

  • [TEST_TARGET] use to specify the testing mms program. mms_file_name only contains file name, WITHOUT SUFFIX.
  • [TEST_SUITE] use to define a test suite, it can contains only one [TEST_BODY] or none, and it can contains zero or more [TEST_CASE].
  • [TEST_BODY] use to define a call routine. It use test data from every [TEST_CASE] and make them as parameter of calling function. It can contains more than one assertion. Like mms program, instruction must be written on second column.
  • [TEST_CASE] use to define test data, instruction is not allowed. BE CAREFUL, for easy implemention of the assertion of the framework, data defined in [TEST_CASE] that will be used in assertion must has real address in memory. So the presudo-instruction IS, GREG is not allowed to define data that will be use in assertion. Use only for parameter is OK.


The following is a part of test_e24_ori.mmt program testing for e24_ori.mms.

[TEST_TARGET e24_ori]                        
[TEST_SUITE test_e24_ori]                    
    LDA     $1,in                            
    LDA     $2,out                           
    PUSHJ   $0,:StrCpy                       
    [ASSERT_STR_EQ out,expected]             
[TEST_CASE 0_len]                            
in          BYTE 0                           
out         BYTE 1                           
expected    BYTE 0                           

[TEST_CASE 1_len]
in          BYTE "a",0
out         BYTE 0,0
expected    BYTE "a",0

[TEST_CASE 4_len]
in          BYTE "abcd",0
out         TETRA
expected    BYTE "abcd",0

[TEST_CASE 7_len]
in          BYTE "abcdefg",0
out         OCTA
expected    BYTE "abcdefg",0

[TEST_CASE 8_len]
in          BYTE "abcdefgh",0
out         OCTA
expected    BYTE "abcdefgh",0



Assertion prototype is:

% BYTE assertion
ASSERT_BYTE_XX[actual_value, expected_value]    % signed assertion
ASSERT_BYTE_NE  % not equal
ASSERT_BYTE_LT  % less than
ASSERT_BYTE_LE  % less than or equal
ASSERT_BYTE_GT  % greater than
ASSERT_BYTE_NE  % greater than or equal

% same as above, only a 'U' more at the end.
ASSERT_BYTE_XXU[actual_value, expected_value]   % unsigned assertion

% WYDE assertion
ASSERT_WYDE_XX[actual_value, expected_value]
ASSERT_WYDE_XXU[actual_value, expected_value]

% TETRA assertion
ASSERT_TETRA_XX[actual_value, expected_value]
ASSERT_TETRA_XXU[actual_value, expected_value]

% OCTA assertion
ASSERT_OCTA_XX[actual_value, expected_value]
ASSERT_OCTA_XXU[actual_value, expected_value]

% string assertion, only EQ compare
ASSERT_STR_EQ[actual_value, expected_value]     % string equal
ASSERT_STR_IC_EQ[actual_value, expected_value]  % string equal, ignore case

% array assertion, only EQ, EQU compare
ASSERT_BYTE_ARRAY_EQ[actual_value, expected_value, len] 
ASSERT_BYTE_ARRAY_EQU[actual_value, expected_value, len] 
ASSERT_WYDE_ARRAY_EQ[actual_value, expected_value, len] 
ASSERT_WYDE_ARRAY_EQU[actual_value, expected_value, len] 
ASSERT_TETRA_ARRAY_EQ[actual_value, expected_value, len] 
ASSERT_TETRA_ARRAY_EQU[actual_value, expected_value, len] 
ASSERT_OCTA_ARRAY_EQ[actual_value, expected_value, len] 
ASSERT_OCTA_ARRAY_EQU[actual_value, expected_value, len] 


For more detail, please see tests/lib/zLibMMIX for demo, or for practical.
Sample result output:
sample result