A Bukkit plugin (1.8.3+). Warns in-game players when the Mojang servers are down.
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Authentication down → Warning Build Status

A small Bukkit plugin to warn players when Mojang servers are down.


When the authentification or sessions servers become down, a message like this one will be broadcasted.
Warning message if the authentification servers are down
A similar message will be displayed if the servers are unstable. These messages will be broadcasted every ten minutes (by default) until the servers status change.

“Fine again” message

Manual check

A command is available to see the status of the Mojang services from in-game: /mojangstatus. It contains all the services displayed in the Mojang status page.
/mojangstatus preview

The status can also be force-updated using /mojangstatus update. By default, they are updated in the background every 90 seconds.


The main configuration entries are the following:

# The number of seconds between two checks against the Mojang servers.
check_interval: 90

# The minimal number of seconds between two warning sent to the players for
# the same kind of status.
# Players will always be immediately notified if the status changes.
warning_interval: 600

# Set to true to display a list of the down or unstable services in the
# warning message, like this: http://raw.carrade.eu/s/1450919953.png
display_services_down: false

Another is available to change the status check URI; see the config.yml file.


Permission Default Meaning
authdownwarning.status.view Everyone Allows a player to see the results of the last check using /mojangstatus.
authdownwarning.status.update Operators Allows a player to force-update the Mojang services status with /mojangstatus update.
authdownwarning.warnings.receive Everyone All players with this permission will receive the warnings if some of the Mojang services are down.