A simple but full-featured Balls of Steel Bukkit plugin
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Balls of Steel, a Bukkit plugin

This plugin manages a Balls of Steel game.


  • team management (a similar team management than the UltraHardcore reloaded plugin one);
  • diamonds count displayed for each team in the sidebar;
  • game timer (one hour by default, configurable), displayed in the sidebar or using the Boss Bar (BarAPI needed for this);
  • players are automatically equiped when the game starts and when they die, with a configurable equipent; available equipments:
    • sword, bow (infinity I and one arrow);
    • tools (iron pickaxe, axe, shovel);
    • blocks (two stacks of dirt);
    • food (one stack of steaks).

This plugin is published under the GNU GPL license (version 3+).

Development builds are available on my Jenkins server.